Faculty and Staff

Photo of Paulette Kidder, PhD

Paulette Kidder, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5407

Building/Room: Casey 130-03

Photo of Daniel Washburn, PhD

Daniel Washburn, PhD

PhD, Religious Studies; Stanford University
BA, Religion; University of Puget Sound


Phone: 206.398.4475

Building/Room: Casey 130-08

Photo of Christina Juarez

Christina Juarez

BA in Sociology; Seattle University

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206.296.2690

Building/Room: Casey 130

Photo of Lindsey Aakre, MA

Lindsey Aakre, MA

Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature, Harvard University

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 206-296-2690

Building/Room: Casey 130-12

Photo of Tapoja Chaudhuri, PhD

Tapoja Chaudhuri, PhD

PhD, Anthropology

Lecturer, Anthropology and Sociology

Phone: 206-296-2690

Building/Room: Casey 130-06

Photo of Susan Cooper, PhD

Susan Cooper, PhD

PhD, Educational Psychology; University of Washington
MEd; University of California, Los Angeles

Instructor, Teacher Education (MIT)

Phone: 206-296-8586

Building/Room: CASY 130-12

Photo of Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Serena Cosgrove, PhD

PhD in Sociology; Northeastern University
MA in Social Anthropology; Northeastern University
BA in Humanities; Seattle University

Assistant Professor, International Studies
Faculty Coordinator, Central America Initiative

Phone: 206.296.2836

Building/Room: Casey 310-07

Photo of Hilary Hawley, PhD

Hilary Hawley, PhD

PhD, English; Washington State University

Senior Instructor, English

Phone: 206.220.8217

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Photo of Benjamin Howe, PhD

Benjamin Howe, PhD

PhD in Philosophy; Catholic University of Louvain
MA in Philosophy; Catholic University of Louvain
BA in Philosophy; Catholic University of Louvain

Associate Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Senior Instructor

Phone: 206.296.6972

Building/Room: Casey 130-10

Photo of Audrey Hudgins, EDD

Audrey Hudgins, EDD

EdD in Educational Leadership; Seattle University
MS of Strategic Intelligence; National Intelligence University
BA in Business; College of William and Mary

Clinical Instructor

Phone: 206.296.5464

Building/Room: Casey 130-02

Photo of Emily Lieb, PhD

Emily Lieb, PhD

PhD, U.S. History

Assistant Professor

Phone: 206-296-6107

Building/Room: Casey 130-12

Photo of Drego Little

Drego Little

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Alvin Logan, PhD

Alvin Logan, PhD

PhD, Cultural Studies in Education

Phone: 206-934-6135

Photo of Claudia Castro Luna

Claudia Castro Luna

Master of Fine Arts

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 206.296.5405

Building/Room: Casey 130-06

Photo of James (Jimmy) McCarty, PhD

James (Jimmy) McCarty, PhD

PhD in Ethics and Society; Emory University
MA in Ethics; Claremont School of Theology
BA in Religion; Pepperdine University

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 206.296.6078

Building/Room: PAVL 180B

Photo of Rebecca McNamara, PhD

Rebecca McNamara, PhD

PhD in Higher Education Leadership; Western Michigan University
MA in Pastoral Studies; Seattle University
BA in Humanities and Business Administration; Seattle University


Phone: 206.296.5424

Building/Room: Casey 130-02

Photo of Rebecca (Jeney) Park-Hearn, PhD

Rebecca (Jeney) Park-Hearn, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Christina Roberts, PhD

Christina Roberts, PhD

PhD, Literature

Associate Professor, English
Director, Indigenous Peoples Institute
Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.2817

Building/Room: Casey 510-16 / Xavier 160

Photo of Greg Stump, BA

Greg Stump, BA

BA in Journalism; University of Iowa

Adjunct Professor

Building/Room: Casey 130

Photo of Maria Tedesco, PhD

Maria Tedesco, PhD


Building/Room: Casey 130-10

Photo of Nadya Zimmerman, PhD

Nadya Zimmerman, PhD


Building/Room: Casey 130-06