Faculty and Staff

Photo of Benjamin Howe, PhD

Benjamin Howe, PhD

PhD, Philosophy; Catholic University of Louvain

Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Senior Instructor

Phone: 206-296-5407

Building/Room: Casey 130-03

Photo of Christina Roberts, PhD

Christina Roberts, PhD

Nakoda and Aaniiih Nations
PhD in Literature, University of Arizona

Director, Indigenous Peoples Institute
Associate Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-296-2817

Building/Room: Casey 510-16 / Xavier 160

Photo of Christina Juarez, BA

Christina Juarez, BA

BA, Sociology, Seattle University

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-296-2690

Building/Room: Casey 130

Photo of Claudia Castro-Luna

Claudia Castro-Luna

MFA, Poetry, Mills College
MA, Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Anthropology, University of California, Irvine

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 206.296.5405

Building/Room: Casey 130-06

Photo of Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Serena Cosgrove, PhD

PhD in Sociology, Northeastern University

Associate Professor, International Studies
Director, Latin American Studies
Faculty Coordinator, Central America Initiative

Phone: 206-296-2836

Building/Room: Casey 310-07


Photo of Hilary Hawley, PhD

Hilary Hawley, PhD

PhD, English

Senior Instructor, English

Phone: 206-220-8217

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Photo of Audrey Hudgins, EdD

Audrey Hudgins, EdD

EdD, Educational Leadership with a specialization in Non-profit Leadership, Seattle University
MS, Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University
BA, Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting, College of William and Mary, Virginia

Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: 206-296-5464

Building/Room: Casey 130-02

Photo of Drego Little, MEd

Drego Little, MEd

MEd, Literacy, University of Washington

Adjunct Professor

Building/Room: Casey 130

Photo of Alvin Logan, PhD

Alvin Logan, PhD

PhD, Cultural Studies in Education, University of Texas

Adjunct Professor

Building/Room: Casey 130

Photo of David W. Madsen, PhD

David W. Madsen, PhD

PhD, Classics

Professor Emeritus, History

Building/Room: Casey 410

Photo of Rebecca McNamara, PhD

Rebecca McNamara, PhD

PhD, Higher Education Leadership, Western Michigan University
MA, Pastoral Studies, Seattle University
BA in Humanities and Business Administration, Seattle University


Phone: 206-296-5424

Building/Room: Casey 130-02

Photo of Maria Tedesco, PhD

Maria Tedesco, PhD

PhD, Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute
MA , Islamic Studies, University of Naples "L'Orientale"


Building/Room: Casey 130-10

Photo of Daniel Washburn, PhD

Daniel Washburn, PhD

PhD in Religious Studies, Stanford University
BA in Religion, University of Puget Sound

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 206-398-4475

Building/Room: Casey 130-08