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The International Studies Internship Program

This program places motivated undergraduate students in engaging internships with local non-profits with an international component. Up to five credits of an internship with an internationally-focused organization may count towards INST major elective requirements. Internships are generally one quarter (12 weeks long), but sometimes range up to three quarters in length.  Students work six to fifteen hours a week with the organization.  Internships generally are unpaid, with the expectation that in exchange for the labor, the students receive strong, consistent supervision that helps the student integrate theory with practice, and gain a greater understanding of the organization and its context. 

Organizational Assistance  

Students apply their skills in a wide variety of ways, depending on the needs of the organization and the skills and talents of the student.  Marketing, promotion, research, event management, social media, program coordination, fundraising, public speaking or volunteer coordination are just some of the ways students are able to help. 

Selection Process  

Seattle University students majoring in International Studies request to be placed with a local non-profit organization.  Each candidate applies and is interviewed by the Faculty Coordinator to assess their qualifications and interests.   Following this, applicants are then matched with possible organizations that could be a good fit for the organizations' needs and interests.  The student, organization supervisor and the International Studies Coordinator review the contract drawn up by the student and the supervisor.  If all three agree that it is a good fit, the student is then placed with the organization. 

Student expectations and outcomes  

 Students are expected to learn quickly their organization's history, culture and programs, then take on responsibility for selected projects.  Expected outcomes include: increased knowledge in specific areas of international work; organizational skills development; and specific project responsibilities with tangible outcomes.  Interns earn two to five credits, depending on the number of weekly contact hours worked. (Three contact hours per week per credit, i.e. five credits would mean fifteen hours per week for up to ten weeks, or 150 hours)

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If you would like further details or to begin applying for an INST internship, please contact:

Greg Tuke
Internship Instructor, International Studies

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