Program Summary

BA in Interdisciplinary Arts with Specialization in Arts Leadership

The BA degree provides skills that can be used whether the student plans to work as an independent artist or within an arts organization after graduation. Throughout the program, students will work effectively toward the realization of real-world projects and learn to form sound creative judgments.

Required coursework: The 40-credit specialization in Arts Leadership allows students to learn about finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, law, and resource development while studying a specific arts discipline. A student interested in theatre production might choose to bridge theatre and arts leadership while another student might combine arts leadership and visual art courses to complete an interest in gallery and museum management.

Required internship: Students are required to take a five-credit Arts Leadership Internship at a local arts organization that combines classroom learning with real-world experience.

Minor in Arts Leadership

The Minor in Arts Leadership is a wise choice for the student who is majoring in the arts, as a complement to their studio or performing arts degree. It offers a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work within a visual or performing arts organization or to manage a personal arts practice. Other Seattle University students may choose this minor if they have an interest in pursuing arts leadership or administration in the future.

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Kevin Maifeld, MFA
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Program Coordinator
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Sarah Curtis-Tilton, MFA
Senior Administrative Assistant
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