Learning Outcomes

We expect students in the Arts Leadership program to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the political, social, technological and economic contexts in the field of arts administration.
  • Apply the principles of leadership and entrepreneurship as they are uniquely realized within arts organizations.
  • Recognize and address moral and ethical challenges within the arts as informed by the Jesuit Catholic tradition.
  • Understand and apply financial tools and analysis to inform sound decision-making and communicate financial results to key stakeholders.
  • Apply marketing theories and concepts to develop audiences and to promote the arts as a valuable social sector.
  • Understand how to develop effective fundraising strategies to raise funds from institutional, government and individual donors.
  • Demonstrate effective communication in speech and in writing.



Pacific Northwest Ballet School faculty member Kiyon Gaines teaching a PNB School 2015 Summer Course class.
Photo © Angela Sterling.

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