Program Summary

Film Studies is an independent B.A. degree program within the English Department, with a 65 credit major and 30 credit minor. All classes in film are 5 credits.

For the Major you must take these 3 required classes:

Intro to Film Analysis (FILM 3000/ENG 3820)
Focusing on critical thinking about film, Intro to Film Analysis introduces the basic principles and techniques of film art, so that students can understand how film works as an artistic medium.

History of Film (FILM 3020)
This course examines the evolution and development of film from its beginnings to the early 1960s.

Film Theory (FILM 4530)

An examination of critical frameworks related to film art and film as a social institution, with close attention to theorists and filmmakers from Eisenstein, Bazin, Deren, and Metz to Marxist, psychoanalytic, postmodernist, and feminist perspectives.

In addition you need to take at least one class from each of these categories

Visual Storytelling Elective, choose one:

International Cinema Elective, choose one:

Electives (25 credits)



  • Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Professor and Director of Film Studies

  • Shea Taisey

    Administrative Assistant