Summer Classes

Online Classes Featured in Summer 2018

Registration is open!

The Film Studies program is excited to offer two online classes this summer - Visual Storytelling, and The Art of Film!

Both classes will be offered during SU's 8-week summer session (June 25 - August 18, 2018). Not a current SU student? Don't worry! Our Undergraduate Admissions department is happy to work with you if you are a student from another university, or a community member interested in enrolling in these classes.

Questions? Contact, or call 206-220-8040.

UCOR 1300-01: Visual Storytelling
Instructor: Dr. John Trafton

This course takes a production-based and content-creation approach towards exploring the history, process and development of visual storytelling strategies. We will spend the duration of the course exploring totem poles, cave paintings, Japanese pictograms, iconic photographs, graphic novels, television advertisements, and other various cinematic formats. This course engages a variety of art practices, including comic strips, storyboards, 16mm film direct animation, flip books and video production.

FILM 3000-01 (X: ENGL 3820-01): Art of Film
Instructor: Dr. John Trafton

This foundation course in film studies is a requirement for all film majors and minors and is recommended as your first film class for all subsequent film electives. It introduces you to the formal building blocks of films: narrative, mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound. We study the operations of each of these formal parts in detail and also consider how they work together. The course will train you in the specific critical methods necessary to describe, analyze, and appreciate the film text.