Affiliations and Sponsorships

Seattle University’s Film Program is an official sponsor of the Seattle International Film Festival, a year-long film and film-education program that culminates in one of the world's largest and most prestigious film festivals in mid-May through early June, annually. Students can go to great movie theaters in Seattle like the SIFF Egyptian, SIFF Film Center, SIFF Uptown, and the Cinerama.

Our students also regularly attend the screenings of Northwest Film Forum, the Social Justice Film Festival, Latino/a Film Festival, and screenings at museums like the Seattle Art Museum, Frye Museum, and the Asian Art Museum.

Students can submit films to the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, or NFFTY (a festival of films made by youths 22 yrs. and younger), the Northwest High School Film Festival, and the 48 Hour Film Project.

The Film studies Program has a very active student cohort with 3 film clubs:

The SU Filmmakers club (focused on making films);

the Animation Appreciation Club;

and the Cryptic Celluloid Club (focused on screening and discussion).

Check out this link for a selection of films that the SU Filmmakers’ club made for their Silver Screen Horror film festival!