As part of the EVST curriculum, each student chooses to specialize in an area of environmental studies and sustainability. The specializations build upon the core EVST curriculum and prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to develop your specific field of interest.

  • Each Specialization is 20 course credits.
  • You are required to declare a Specialization before completing 90 credits toward your SU degree (generally by the end of sophomore year).

Where do you want to make a difference?

How can we build livable cities that are ecologically sustainable and socially just?

Gain knowledge and skills in urban planning and community design, food systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), urban ethics, economics and politics


What policies and political processes are needed to support a future that is sustainable and just?

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to analyze information and propose policy alternatives to address the complex environmental issues of climate change, natural resource management and sustainable development.


How can we communicate our pressing environmental problems and potential solutions to people from all walks of life?  

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach, raise public awareness, advocate and motivate for environmental change using a broad base of mediums and communication strategies


How can we sustainably manage and restore the geological, biological and ecological structures of our ecosystems?

Gain knowledge and skills in the physical, sociological and environmental sciences to understand marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the practices needed to maintain the integrity of these systems



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