Program Summary

Program Summary

  • Social and ecological sustainability requires an holistic approach to problem solving.

  • Environmental Studies coursework in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to critically assess and address complex environmental challenges.

  • All students complete the Environmental Studies Core (58 credits) and an Environmental Specialization (20 credits). 

The Environmental Studies Core

  • EVST 1600 Environmental Perspectives  *students who score a 4 or 5 on the College Board AP Environmental Science exam will receive credit for this requirement

Area I: Natural Sciences: 15 credits, including: 

  • EVST 2100 Natural History: Theory and Practice

  • EVST 2150 Geoscience

  • EVST 2200 Principles of Ecology

Area II: Social Sciences: 10 credits, including:

  • EVST 3000 Environmental Politics OR EVST 4740 International Environmental Governance

  • EVST 3050 Economics and the Environment

Area III: Humanities: 10 credits, including:

  • HIST 3510 Environmental History

  • THRS 3240 Religion and Ecology

Area IV: Quantitative and Research Methods: 10 credits, including:

  • EVST 3400 Research Design and Statistics

  • EVST 3500 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Area V: Internship: 3 credits

  • EVST 4950 Internship

Area VI: Disciplinary Capstone: 5 credits

  • EVST 4900 Senior Synthesis Capstone

The Specializations


Environmental Studies and Public Affairs Double Major

Environmental Studies Majors who specialize in Urban Sustainability or Politics, Policy and Justice are uniquely situated to complete a double major in EVST and Public Affairs.  Students can complete this double major in a normal four year course of study.  Please meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic course plan and the requirements for completion of the PUBA_EVST 4 YEAR TYPICAL PROGRAM OF STUDY

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