Education Abroad

Education Abroad

Expand your education to the global classroom 

  • Develop knowledge of diverse cultures

  • See your own culture through a new lens

  • Strengthen your leadership skills

  • Broaden your world view

  • Advance your career

Deadlines for completing the SU Education Abroad application and paperwork approach quickly. Plan ahead. Begin the Education Abroad process no later than the end of your Sophomore year.



Student Experiences

We encourage you to pursue the many opportunities for study abroad. Our students have recently studied in Ecuador, Denmark, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania and South Africa.

"Studying abroad in Costa Rica was one of the best decisions I made in college.  Between experiencing academics in a totally new way, significantly improving my spanish and creating new relationships with diverse peoples from both Costa Rica and the United States, study abroad was a formative time for me.  As an EVST major, I learned about the harms of climate change and deforestation at Seattle University, but studying the intricate ecological relationships of a tropical environment up-close helped me grasp the gravity of the crises and it bolstered my passion for conservation."  2015 EVST graduate, Christina Harrington