Robert Aguirre, PhD

PhD, English

Senior Instructor, English

Phone: 206.220.8435

Building/Room: Rianna 105

Robert Aguirre CV


I have been teaching literature and composition since the early 1990s and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every class I have ever taught. When I am not teaching, my time is filled by family, cycling, scuba, reading, and Xbox. And, of course, in the fall I follow the trials and tribulations of Husker Football and Volleyball.

 Teaching and Research Interests

Interests: Literature: Twentieth-Century American Literature and Modern/ Postmodern Aesthetics. Composition: Political Ethics and Social Justice; Citizenship. I strive to make my subject matter, be it composition or literature, relevant, engaging, and enjoyable.

Current and Recent Courses: I teach English 110 and 120. Current and Future English 110 Seminar Themes: Rhetorical Fright(mares)--Contemporary Cultures of Fear; The Depravity of Disinformation--The Rhetoric of Secrets, Lies, and Gullibility. Current and Previous English 120 Seminar Themes: Modernism and Postmodernism: Culture, Context, and Aesthetics.

Future Courses and Course Themes: Literature: Counterculture Culture: From the Beats to the Punks; Utopias and Power: The Dreams and Nightmares of Humanity; Guts-Glory-Gore: Stories of War and Hegemony; Science, Technology, and Culture: Cyberpunk Aesthetics. Composition: The Mechanization of Humanity: Cyborgs Unite! (An examination of the phenomenon of the human/machine hybrid in popular culture, consumer culture, and science); Punks and Yuppies: Critical Consciousness or Chanel N°5 (An examination into the commodification of human beings and the individualization of complex social problems); The Politics of Obscenity: Or, the Obscurity of the Obscene (An examination into prominent discourses on indecency with a focus on what is left out, like greed, materialism, superficiality, selfishness, and violence.


PhD - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MA - San Diego State University