Student Work

Calendar: Typography

Do It Yourself Sushi Calendar

Designer: Kalani Gregore 

This is designed for cooking beginners who love sushi.

The calendar contains 12 recipes of sushi/month, a rise scoop, a rolling bamboo, and chopsticks.

Tarot Calendar

Designer: Jennell Douglas 

This desktop typographical calendar is a playful tarot for a day.

Flip the three different cards randomly and see the combination of the patterns. Game manual is written on the calendar.

Poster: Graphic Design 1 class

Poster Competition Winner

Designer: Bryson Chiu 

This Cinco de Mayo community event poster was designed for a community partner, El Centro De La Raza, Latino multi-cultural organization in Seattle.

Poster Competition Winner

Designer: Tiffany Ta 

This 75th Anniversary celebration event poster was designed for a community partner, Helping Link, a Vietnamese multi-cultural organization in Seattle.

Package design: Graphic Design 1

Panda Pleasure

Designer: Elmer 

This unique handmade pouch contains 6 different flavor (fragrance) condoms wrapped with “candy wrapper.” This was designed to be a Valentine gift.

Coffee for a Cause

Designer: Jessica

This coffee sampler package is designed for supporting international coffee farmers and coop (Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania). It is not only just a package but also educational information back and inside the box.

Natural Element

Designer: Kalani Gregore 

This package contains 6 different types of Tea bags and selected music in CD to decompress stress and emotional reaction with a sad event and/or everyday life.

Student RX (PX?)


Designer: Kerianne Yamaguchi

This prescription drug (candy) for students is a customized “medication” box for college students to be successful in school life. It contains “Too Much Party (hang over),” “Getting Over Freshman 15 (diet pill),” “Final Week (caffeine pill),” “I can’t stand my roommate (de-stress pill),” “Fighting (energy booster)” etc… Container sizes are varied for each customer to fit their personality and needs. Flower Seeds Package Designer: Karina Karina

This is a flower seeds gift set for someone who loves gardening. This stylish package contains 9 different kinds of flower seeds, hand carved message card, and hand carved paper box.

Self Promotion design: Graphic Design 2

New Twist:

 Designer: Michael Mage 

This self-promotion tube mailer contains two saving light bulbs in hexagonal package, portfolio and resume in a hexagonal booklet for his promotion and job hunting.

She’s Got Drive!

Designer: Tiffany Ta

This small box contains a digital thumb drive with convertible fashion self-portrait. The thumb drive contains her portfolio, resumé, and cover letter.


Andy Zelman Portfolio

Designer: Andrew Zelman 

This humorous small box contains the mini theatre of “Space Odyssey 2001” theme with black stone (digital thumb drive).


Designer: Rachael Bradbury 

This is a match book self-promotional piece for her own design business. Includes matches for special occasions like a birthday, power outage, and love making. Her passion and humor are expressed.



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Program Coordinator

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Operations Manager