Program Summary

To earn a minor in Chinese, students must complete 35 credits with a minimum 2.00 GPA in one modern language.

In order to receive full credit for courses in Chinese, they must be taken in the numerical sequence (chin115-chin235) as listed below. A previous course cannot be repeated to improve a grade once a higher course in the sequence is in progress or has been completed.

  • CHIN115 Chinese Language I -- 5 credits
  • CHIN125 Chinese Language II -- 5 credits
  • CHIN135 Chinese Language III -- 5 credits
  • CHIN215 Chinese Language IV -- 5 credits
  • CHIN225 Chinese Language V -- 5 credits (Service-learning)
  • CHIN235 Chinese Language VI -- 5 credits (Service-learning)
    An integrated approach to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese and culture. These courses constitute a systematic study of Mandarin in the Romanized Pinyin and Chinese character systems.
  • CHIN291-293 Special Topics -- 1-5 credits
  • CHIN315 Chinese Culture and Civilization -- 5 credits
    An introduction to Chinese culture and civilization with emphasis on the impact of the cultural traditions on the Chinese contemporary lifestyles and cross-cultural comparisons. Taught in Chinese.

If a student’s native language is a language offered at this university, the student may not receive a minor in that language.

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Students who waive elementary language courses may meet the 35 credit minor requirement by substituting upper-division courses in the language of the minor or approved courses in other disciplines that relate to their minor language.


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