Program Summary

Asian Studies offers a major and minor program of study.  It has become one of the most exciting programs on campus. It is a multidisciplinary program designed for students interested in careers or graduate work in fields, where the knowledge of Asia and the ability to communicate and work in a multi-cultural setting are essential. The goal of the program is to foster the understanding and awareness of Asia that are critical to leaders and citizens of the 21st century.  As the closest US continental trading and transportation hub to Asia and with its large and growing Asian-American communities, Seattle is among the nation’s top metropolitan centers that have the deepest economic, cultural, and intellectual linkages with Asia. Here are several highlights of the program:

  • International learning with a distinct Asian focus.  Many AIST students choose to do study-abroad at some point during their study at SU.  Popular destinations include China, India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.  Students may participate in existing study abroad programs at SU or choose their own destination in Asia for study abroad.
  • Asian language proficiency.  All students are able to acquire basic proficiency in an Asian language through two years of college-level study.  Popular languages include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.  You have the option of taking language classes here at SU, transfer classes from other universities, or waive your language requirement through placement tests.
  • Talented and dedicated faculty.  We are fortunate to have a team of talented and dedicated professors from the nation’s top universities, who look forward to working with you and sharing their knowledge about Asia.
  • Wide range of course options.  Students in AIST concentrate on a wide range of thought-provoking courses on Asia in the humanities and social sciences. AIST classes are truly interdisciplinary in nature, ranging from arts, anthropology, history, psychology to business and political science.
  • Wide-range of career options.   The AIST degree at SU prepares students to pursue Asia-oriented careers in fields such as international business, communications, development, education, government, law, non-governmental organizations, and various services to the community. Graduates of our program have been successful in securing satisfying employment and in pursuing advanced educational opportunities in graduate schools or professional schools in law, business, and education.
  • Ability to major, minor or double major.  Students can enroll in AIST as a major or minor.  Many AIST students have chosen to double major or minor in another discipline, such as business, political science, or international studies.
  • Worldwide recognition of leaders in cutting-edge scholarship with the Peter L. Lee endowed lectureship.  Thanks to a generous contribution by Dr. Peter Lai Sun Lee ’64, SU established the Peter L. Lee Endowed Lectureship in East Asian Culture and Civilization in 2015.  Every year we bring in an internationally recognized scholar from around the world to give a lecture on a research topic that is at the forefront of Asian studies.  This lectureship has drawn large audience and international recognition.  Students have the opportunity to interact closely with the endowed speaker while he or she is on campus.

Degrees and Specializations Offered

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Asian Studies:   Click here for degree requirements and course descriptions.

Minor in Asian Studies:  Click here for degree requirements and course descriptions.




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