Program Summary

Degree Program in Art History

An Art History major is 55 credits, including:

ART 100 Design and Color (5 credits)
ART 120 Drawing I (5 credits)
ART 211 Survey of Western Art I, Ancient -> Medieval (5 credits)
ART 212 Survey of Western Art II, Renaissance -> Modern (5 credits)
ART 214 Global Topics in Art History (5 credits)
ART 411 Theory and Methods in Art History (5 credits)
ART 460 Art History Seminar (5 credits)
Art History Electives at the 300-400 level (20 credits; 5 credits may be studio)

Art History Electives include:

ART 214 Global Topics in Art History (5 credits; may be repeated)
ART 310 Art Since 1945 (5 credits)
ART 316 History of Modernism (5 credits)
ART 317 History of Photography (5 credits)
ART 496 Frye Museum Gallery Guide (5 credits)
ART 496 Internships (variable credits)
Among others…

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Claire Garoutte, MFA

Rosie Sabaric
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager