Frye Museum Guides

The Gallery Guide Program is a 5-credit, year-long internship that challenges students to lead tours of the Frye Museum for school groups and for the general public. The internship involves a one-week intensive training session in the late summer and early fall of the internship year, before classes begin at SU. Students learn tour techniques, the history of the Frye Art Museum, Visual Thinking Strategies, and learn specific materials and approaches relating to special exhibitions through art history lectures and gallery tours.

Throughout the internship year, students give approximately 2 public tours each month, attend training sessions for new special exhibits and participate in monthly gallery guide meetings. Students maintain journals about their experiences, which are reviewed at the end of each quarter by the internship advisor at Seattle University. In the final month of the internship, students participate in a performance review evaluated by the Frye’s Manager of Student & Teacher Programs.

Frye Art Museum


Claire Garoutte, MFA

Rosie Sabaric
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager