Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview

You may be required to submit a resume and cover letter to the Internship Director. The resume should include what classes you have taken in this field of study and detail your work and volunteer experiences. The cover letter may be a derivative of the Statement of Interest. The Internship Director will review and provide you feedback on the resume and cover letter or refer you to Career Services for assistance. 

You may choose, or the Internship Director may require, that you complete a series of Career Services workshops or advising sessions on topics such as internship search strategies, resume & cover letter writing, or mock-interviewing/interviewing techniques.

Internship Interview

Once approved for an interview by the Internship Director, you will make contact with the agency/site. The interview may occur via email/phone/in person, depending on the needs/requests of the site, to assess if an internship is appropriate. In preparation of an interview, you should plan to attend a mock-interviewing/interviewing techniques workshop offered by Career Services.

The site supervisor may contact the Internship Director regarding the decision to accept the student as an intern for credit.