Meet with Internship Director

Exploratory meeting with Internship Director

Set up a meeting with the Internship Director of your department/program to assess if there is a good match between your interests, talents, and qualifications and what internships are available. Contact the department/program main office to set up an appointment with the Internship Director.

The Internship Director will advise you as to the process and academic requirements involved in the internship. The discussion may include the following:

  • How will the internship supplement your academic coursework and develop your career goals?
  • What are your long-term goals (i.e., work, graduate school)?
  • For how many credits would you like to do your internship?
  • During what quarter(s) would you like to do the internship?

Statement of Interest

The Internship Director may require you to prepare a Statement of Interest, about 150-200 word limit, addressing the following key points:

  • What are your goals for an internship?
  • How do you best picture achieving these goals? What is the setting?
  • What are your skills for participation (e.g., special training in a statistical package)?
  • In what ways can you help the agency?