Course Registration

Upon being placed in an internship, you need to prepare the following documents in support of the course registration process and turn them in to the Internship Director.

All paperwork must be completed by the first day of the desired quarter of registration.

Independent Study, Directed Study or Internship Request

  • The INTERNSHIP REQUEST is signed by the student, the Internship Director/sponsoring faculty and, the department chair/program department
  • The Associate Dean of the College will sign in the FINAL APPROVAL section at the bottom of the form and submit to the Registrar's office.


  • This document must be signed by the student prior to registration.

CAS Internship Contract - 05-12000a

  • This document must be signed by the student and the Internship Director/sponsoring faculty prior to registration.
  • The student will be responsible for obtaining the site supervisor signature no later than the first day of the internship experience and returning the original contract to the Internship Director no later than the end of the first week of the internship experience.

The Internship Contract outlines the internship requirements, including:

The student's signature on the Internship Contract certifies that the student agrees to meet the obligations outlined in the contract and that the student will conduct themselves in a manner befitting the mission and values of Seattle University.

Other Documents

Other documents may be required by the Internship Director. These documents will be maintained by the Internship Director and not submitted for registration processing.