Participating in an internship at Seattle University provides you with an on-the-job opportunity to work in an environment or organization which complements your academic course of study. Through a successful internship you will:

  • Gain a broader perspective of your academic discipline;
  • Explore the "world of work" in a vocational or professional field of interest;
  • Experience a workplace organization during "real-time";
  • Engage in planning and organizing programs or projects within the organization;
  • Develop specific job skills and work experiences which better position you to obtain future employment or professional experiences after graduation;
  • Develop work ethic and maturity;
  • Foster connections with organizational employees and leaders to provide guidance and mentoring;
  • Explore the "fit" of an occupation or career prior to graduation


When I began looking for an internship, I knew I wanted to find a program that would allow me to apply a wide range of skills I had learned in my Strategic Communications classes. Amara, a small non-profit adoption agency that focuses on foster-to-adopt programs, has allowed me to learn more about what it is like to work in a non-profit development setting, and utilize my skills in strategic communications to really advocate for our cause. At Amara, I am able to take theories and case studies I learn in class, and apply them to my audience in a meaningful way. The best part about interning with Amara is that I know that my work has made a difference in helping more foster children find permanent, loving homes.

Emily Nauseda, '12, Strategic Communications
Amara Parenting & Adoption