International Education

Arts and Sciences: A Global College

The College of Arts and Sciences is the heart and soul of Seattle University. It is here that much of the education of the "whole person" takes place. 

As our world becomes at once complex and interconnected, an integrated Jesuit education must extend beyond the campus classroom. Students must be educated for living and working in a global community. The faculty and staff of the College have taken this educational obligation to heart and have created and supported a rich variety of opportunities to globalize your SU education. 

Our Commitment to Global Education

  • $30,000 is committed to study abroad scholarships to support A&S students with financial need.
  • Students choose from dozens of short term summer abroad programs led by A&S faculty in Asia, Africa, Europe, India, and Latin America.
  • Quarter-long programs, such as those in China and Cuba, offer students a chance for more in-depth study.
  • Partnerships with professional programs around the globe have increased student opportunities for:
    • Internship placement in countries like Belize and Ireland
    • Studies in the student's discipline such as Political Science in Denmark or History in Ecuador
    • Advanced language acquisition in French, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Student exchange partnerships with universities in countries such as Spain, Austria, and Japan send our students out into the world to study while bringing international students into our college to enrich and enhance our environment here at home.
  • Faculty exchanges with countries like China, Israel, Australia, and Vietnam are an exciting reciprocation of scholars and teachers that provides a platform for guest lecturers and seminars, the exchange of ideas and perspectives, and the possibilities of collaboration in fields of scholarship.
  • Working with the US State Department, A&S has partnered with Georgetown University to bring in international students from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Bringing the International Experience Back to Campus and into the Community

  • A&S faculty work with our neighbors in Seattle's Central and International Districts to develop student service projects reaching out to these culturally-rich communities.
  • New technology, in collaboration with our network of Jesuit universities around the world, brings experts and lecturers from every continent into our classrooms here at home.
  • The College's annual International Opportunities Fair provides a forum for students to engage with faculty and staff to find out which global education opportunities fit their interests and academic goals.
  • Imagining the World, the College's annual Study Abroad Photography Competition showcases the vision and experience of SU students studying abroad, as well as, international students studying at SU.

Other News

SU President Sundborg has joined 22 other presidents in endorsing the Washington Global Learning Goalsc258. These were developed over the past year Washington colleges and universities met to develop a set of shared global learning goals. The goals represent the best of national discussions and allow room for us to express them in ways consistent with our mission. 

The College of Arts & Sciences will be examining our plans for globalization with these goals as our foundational structure.