The 15-credit curriculum focuses on the environmental aspects of sustainability that impact all aspects of a sport organization, including facility operations, finance, marketing, sponsorship, team operations, supply chain, and legal.

Required courses

SADL 5200 - Sport Business Introduction to Sustainability - 3 credits

Businesses are increasingly applying strategic management tools to incorporate considerations of sustainability into decision-making and operations. This course provides students with an overview of how sustainability can affect all functional areas of a sport organization’s operations: marketing, finance, sponsorship, team operations, facility operations, supply chain, and legal. 

SADL 5220 - Sustainable Sport Facility Management - 3 credits

Many sport organizations now operate more than one facility (e.g., practice locations being separate from primary arenas and stadiums). Because most venues are now multi-use, it is critical to determine sustainable facility management practices. Students will learn interior design needs, capital improvements, supply chain controls, vendor selections and requirements, credits and offsets, performance contracts, and how each delivers realized expense reductions or increases and why.

SADL 5240 - Public Policy and Economic Activity of Sustainable Sport Business - 3 credits

The focus of this class is to determine the public policies specific to sustainability that are applicable to sport organizations and how economic activity associated with sport organizations impacts the natural environment. In addition, focus is on how decisions to move to sustainable solutions impact a sport organization’s finances, specifically financing green management practices, funding capital improvements and new improvement, and creating cost reduction strategies by managing energy efficiency. Furthermore, focus is on measures and standards used in sustainability. Grant writing to solicit funding for green projects will be included.

SADL 5260 - Marketing Sustainability through Sport - 3 credits

The focus of this class is on marketing sustainability in sport and how promotions by the sport organization can drive consumer change. In addition, how vendor selection can contribute to environmental stewardship, sponsorship and ticket sales, which can add revenue to the sustainability concept. Sport organizations need to create programming and messaging to show how sustainability can be a money maker beyond budget savings.  Students will delve into consumer motives and market segmentation. In addition, students will identify ‘green washing’ within potential business partners, and how it can impact a team’s credibility.

SADL 5895 - Project and Colloquium - 3 credits

After successful completion of the project and colloquium students will have acted as an outside sustainability consultant for a sport organization. Specifically the student will have evaluated at least four aspects of a sport organization specific to sustainability and created documents analyzing each of the four aspects. Each evaluation is supported by appropriate theoretical rationale, an analysis of the aspect, and specific recommendations for the organization on how to improve the aspect. The recommendations are presented to the sport organization and a synthesis and synopsis of the documents is presented orally and in writing.  

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