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How to Register for Internships

If you have met with your advisor and secured an Internship position, you can register for Internship Credits.You can apply for and earn up to 10 internship credits towards your degree.

Internships cannot be registered via SU Online; you must submit a form to be approved and signed by your Advisor. Once all your paperwork is completed you must submit it to the department to be processed. You can email them to Rose Kaser, or drop the forms in JEFF 401(1401 E. Jefferson, Suite 401).

Internships may only be registered for prior to the beginning of a quarter, but may continue beyond the end of a quarter. Certain extremely competitive internships from certain local sport organizations may be given an exception to this rule, but the student must discuss it with the Internship Coordinator first. 

Internship hours and credits

Internships may be paid or unpaid. Every 40 hours that are worked equate to 1 credit. So 80 hours equals 2 credits, 120 hours equals 3 credits, and so on. Although internships are registered by quarter, they may extend past the quarter or they may finish before the quarter ends.

For example, an intern may register for a 6 credit internship (240 total hours) and work 20 hours a week for 12 weeks, thus going 2 weeks past the end of the quarter. This is fine. Or, an intern may work a tournament and put in four 10-hour days (for 40 hours and 1 credit). This is also fine.

Some internships may last for 6 months or a year. In these cases, it makes most sense to register for credits across the different quarters and thus split up paying for the credits. However, you could register for all credits at once and pay for them all at once as well.

Internship Registration Forms

All students must fill out the three documents required by the College for internship course registration each time they want to register for an internship:  

Please read through the A&S Student Internship Handbook and the Intership Registration Sample before registering for an internship. Once your forms are entirely completed except for the Internship Coordinator and Program Director's signature, you must turn them in to Rose Kaser.

After Rose receives the forms, she will obtain Intership Coordinator and Program Director's signature, and then the forms are submitted to the College to be approved. After the College approves them, then they are sent to the registrar for approval and to be entered in SUOnline. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

All questions should be directed to Maylon Hanold.




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