College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Degrees

Learning Outcomes

  • Sport and Exercise Science students should be able to:

    • Use the scientific research process effectively to ask relevant questions, formulate hypotheses, collect data, present results, and evaluate the results relative to the hypotheses.

    • Use data to construct written reports and verbally inform clients about the status of their health and fitness and the strategic plan to improve it.  

    • Demonstrate proficiency in the scientific constructs and training design for enhancing personal fitness and sport performance.

    • Articulate a personal health and fitness orientation and a professional code of conduct that celebrates the dignity of every human being.

    • Provide pro bono health and fitness services to individuals from marginalized communities as opportunities arise.

    • Devise approaches to health and fitness appropriate for social, ethnic and cultural differences.

    • Serve as an advocate regarding one issue in health and fitness in need of public attention and professional transformation.

    • Engage in a life-long pursuit of domain excellence, personal transformation and spiritual discovery.

    • Imagine the future, develop plans to achieve that future, and work cooperatively to enact those plans effectively and in a timely manner.