College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Degrees

Learning Outcomes

  • Sport and Exercise Science students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the scientific method and principles of biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and physiology as they relate to human movement and physical activity.

    • Critically evaluate, interpret, and integrate information from the scientific literature in the discipline to describe factors related to human movement and physical activity.

    • Demonstrate competency with laboratory skills used to assess human movement and physical activity.

    • Effectively communicate content related to the field of human movement or physical activity in oral, written, and digital formats.

    • Demonstrate the ability to apply discipline related knowledge and skills to real-world problems through empirical research, internships, field experience, and/or service learning.

    • Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with discipline, including 1) an understanding of the societal and individual importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, 2) adherence to professional ethics, 3) service to others, 4) shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers, and 5) commitment to lifelong learning.