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    The Human Performance Lab is located in the Hunthausen Building, Room 090.
                          Sean Machak
                          Exercise Scientist & Laboratory Supervisor

    Human Performance Lab Policies 

    • Only students of SPEX are eligible to use the lab for their assignments and research. Other departments or organizations must seek permission from the Director of the Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise.
    • Only authorized personnel are allowed in the lab. Students must check in at the front desk with the office manager or receptionist.
    • All users indemnify and will NOT hold The Center, Seattle University and staff responsible for loss or damage to individual possessions, any injury, illness or death that may result from the use of the facility.
    • Food and drink are strictly not allowed in the lab (EXCEPTION: Those research subjects may have something to drink only at the specific location).
    • Lab users are not allowed to use equipment for any other activities. Any lab users caught misusing the equipment will have their privilege suspended. Students found in violation of lab policies are subject to Seattle University penalties.
    • Music is allowed during research but do not disturb other lab users. Personal electronic devices are not to be charged in the lab including Mp3 players, phones, etc. (EXCEPTION: Student laptop computers may be charged with lab coordinator permission).
    • Lab availability is based on availability as determined by the office manager.
    • The last authorized lab patron leaving the lab is responsible for making sure the door is locked, all equipment is returned to stored locations and lights are switched off.
    • Any and all equipment malfunctions and damage must be immediately reported the office manager.
    • No more than 4 students allowed in either the biomechanics or physiology sections of the lab.
    • The labs are located within a medical clinic and lab users need to display conduct appropriate to t clinical setting.
    • Only lab-related materials are allowed in the labs.Students are not to use lab telephones. Cell phone use is not allowed in labs and use is restricted to designated areas of the medical clinic.
    • Lab doors shall remain open when students are unaccompanied by lab personnel.
    • When in doubt, ALWAYS ask first.

    Download the Human Performance Lab Policies