• As the BSW is a professional degree, students apply to be a degree candidate in their junior year.

    Applications are due by January 15. For more online information, please consult the Student Handbook andFAQs.

    For general questions about admission to Seattle University and financial aid, please contact Office of Admissions and Student Financial Services.

    The following requirements are needed for admission for BSW degree candidacy:

    • Admission to Seattle University and declaration of Social Work as the major
    • Junior level standing (90 or more credits)
    • Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5/ 4.0 and G.P.A. of 2.5/4.0 in social science and social work courses at time of application
    • A grade of at least a “C” in any Social Work required courses.
    • Completion of the following pre-requisite courses:
      • Phase One of Seattle University’s Core Curriculum
      • Completion of Social Science I and II courses in Phase Two of the Core
      • Biology 101, or its equivalent as the lab science course
      • SOCW 250, Introduction of Social Work, or be concurrently enrolled when applying
    • Completion of an Application Packet (Student Handbook)

    Students will be notified of their acceptance, provisional acceptance or denial by U.S. mail.

    Application Procedure

    For more information on the application procedure, please consult the Student Handbook and FAQs.

    The application packet is available from the Social Work Program in Casey 3 West. All application materials are confidential and are shared only with the faculty directly involved in the admissions process. The packet includes forms that are to be completed and turned in to the Social Work Program by January 15:

    • Social Work Program Application
    • Personal statement
    • Current copy of the Student’s Program Evaluation (suonline) and all transcripts from other colleges and university’s attended
    • Washington State patrol Criminal History Record request
    • Washington State patrol Child/ Adult Abuse Information Act record request
    • Applicant disclosure
    • Applicant Notification of Criminal History Check
    • Consent to Abide by NASW Code of Ethics
    • Three letters of recommendation; one from a social work faculty member
    • Check for $10.00 payable to Seattle University for the Washington State Patrol records check

    The completed packet should be returned to the Social Work Program in Casey 3West or sent to:

    Social Work Program
    Attn: Administrative Assistant
    901 - 12th Ave, Casey 3W
    Seattle, WA 98122

    Admissions Criteria

    As social work students will work directly with clients in their field practicum, the Program and the University have the responsibility to assure that our students possess the knowledge, intelligence, judgment, ethics, integrity and physical and emotional capacity necessary for the field experience and for the profession. Therefore, in accordance with the Fair Process Policy, we consider the University’s academic requirements and also the student’s professional characteristics, conduct and potential to serve effectively and ethically in the profession.

    We evaluate students based on their application packets, prior course work, information about the student form social work faculty who know the student and

    • Class attendance and academic performance
    • Ethical conduct
    • Ability to communicate both orally and written in English to be effective in a field placement
    • Capacity for self awareness and willingness to examine own values and beliefs as related to social work
    • Understanding, appreciation and respect for diverse populations
    • Social, emotional and psychological maturity and stability to engage in social work practice
    • Possession of values consistent with the social work values
    • Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships
    • Capacity for professional behavior