College of Arts and Sciences
Student Executive Council


  • The current members of Student Executive Council serve their department and the student body at-large. They work on connecting majors within their departments with the Chair and with the Dean. Any concerns that students have can be voiced anonymously (or non-anonymously) through their departmental representative or an at-large representative.

    Council Advisor

    Assistant Dean

    Kate Elias

    Council Leadership 


    Adrian Lott


    Madison Davis

    At large Representatives:

    Sam Battalio

    Crystal Retino

    Morgan Schutte

    Kristen Wielicza

    Sara Haugen

    Rebecca Lassere

    Department Representatives:


    Antonio Skilton

    Asian Studies

    Garrett Aldrin Agag


    Anina Walas

    Criminal Justice

    Valerie Fisher

    English/Creative Writing

    Grace Stetson

    Environmental Studies

    Mallory Leisten

    Art and Art History

    Tyler Hill

    Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

    Representative to be determined


    August Hastings 


    Claire Rawson

    International Studies

    Alexandra Nelson (Winter/Spring)

    Liberal Studies

    Taylor Barkee (Winter/Spring)

    Military Science

    Taylor Firn

    Modern Languages

    Allison Williams


    Angelica Janda

    Political Science

    Samuel Wolff


    Jessica Gandy

    Public Affairs

    Alyssa Garcia

    Sports and Exercise

    Zac Downey

    Social Work

    Ashton Scott

    Theology and Religious Studies

    Wesley Gonzalez (Winter/Spring)

    Women and Gender Studies

    Raveena Sajjan