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  • Constitution of the Faculty and Staff Assembly of the College of Arts and Sciences

    Name: Faculty and Staff Assembly
    Functions: The Faculty and Staff Assembly of the College of Arts and Sciences is a deliberative body that seeks to:  
    • add the independent voices of faculty and staff to the shared practices and processes of college governance.  
    • advocate for and promote the interests of its members with a view to boosting staff and faculty morale.  
    • pass resolutions and make recommendations about matters of college policy as well as matters of university policy that have a direct impact on all areas of activity in the college.  
    Membership: All faculty—tenured, tenure-track, and adjunct—and staff. This Constitution of the Faculty and Staff Assembly will become effective as soon as it is adopted by the faculty and staff of the College. Adoption will be secured by the vote of a simple majority of members Assembly.   


    There shall be a Coordinating Committee composed of three members from tenured and tenure-track faculty, two from adjunct faculty [only adjunct faculty who have at least on one-year appointment may serve on the Coordinating Committee], and two from staff constituencies. The Coordinating Committee shall elect from among its members officers who will simultaneously serve as officers of the Assembly. One of them, a tenured Faculty member, shall be the President, another, the Vice President and a third, the Secretary. The offices, with the exception of that of the President, shall rotate annually among the three constituencies that make up the assembly.   

    Tenure: Each member of the Coordinating Committee shall serve for two years. [In order to ensure continuity, one member from each constituency for the first Committee following upon the adoption of this constitution shall serve for one year. Thereafter, one member from each constituency will be chosen every year.] 

    Functions: (a) The President will preside at Committee and Assembly meetings, administer the resolutions of the Assembly, communicate with the Dean of the College and other administrators on behalf of the Assembly, and sit on the Executive Committee of the College ex officio. (b) The Vice President will fulfill the duties of the President in the President’s absence and will carry out responsibilities as delegated by the President. (c) The Secretary will keep records of the Committee and Assembly meetings and distribute the minutes to all members of the College. 

    Meetings: Each constituency shall meet at least once a year and the full Assembly shall meet at least once a quarter. Additional meetings can be convened by the President or by a majority of Coordinating Committee members. Quorum shall be formed for Committee meetings by three members [including one from each of the constituencies].

    Elections: Each constituency shall elect its own representatives to the Coordinating Committee.

    Recommendations: Resolutions of the Assembly shall be passed by a simple majority vote of members present however they originate and forwarded to the appropriate authorities for consideration and\or implementation.