Laura Crandall

Photo of Laura wearing a black cardigan



Building/Room: CASEY 210



Laura is a vocational adventurer with experience in the trades, non-profit leadership, and government policy and program analysis. Laura's work history has geographic variety as well. She worked in Amsterdam, Holland for one year as a lithographer and in England and Europe for four years in theater lighting. She is deeply interested in organizational theory, human resources practices, and workplace environments, and has experienced many management styles and organizational structures. Laura was executive director of a Seattle nonprofit for six years, and has experience in organizational and program development, strategic planning, staff management and mentoring, non-profit and government budgeting, and employee benefits. In 2014, Laura left her position as executive director to work on her MPA at Seattle University (MPA, 2016). During that time, she worked for the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center and for the King County Department of Elections. She was selected for an ICMA Local Government Management Fellowship after graduating and was hired as a Management Analyst with the City of Burien and later as an Analyst in the Finance Department with the City of Tukwila. In 2018, she was hired by Municipal Research and Service Center and served as their Public Policy Consultant and Finance Analyst until September 2020. During her time there, she wrote blogs on a variety of topics, from utility billing to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in local government. She is currently working on certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.