Laying the foundation for a great internship experience takes work. Consider the following as a way to begin. 

Meet with the Career Engagement Office 

  • Assess your interests, skills, values and goals through MyPlan
  • Explore career industry clusters 
  • Explore major and industry fit

Research employers and industries of interest

  • Useful to determine if an organization's mission, values, and culture are in line with yours
  • Use LinkedIn's Companies area to find company information and view your connections in the organization
  • Glassdoor's Company Reviews provides an overview of organizations and any positions currently listed
  • Speak with faculty, mentors, friends, and family to gain ideas of organizations that could be well suited to you

Consider logistical parameters

  • Geographical location
  • Time considerations - what quarter, for how much time per week, duration of experience
  • Earning college credit, or not 
  • A paid or unpaid experience 


There are many ways to search for an internship