College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science

Letters of Reference

  • Question: How do I request a letter of reference from a professor?

    Answer: Follow these easy steps.

    Step 1: Select a professor who knows you well.

    Step 2: Contact this professor to arrange a time to meet in person to discuss the opportunity.

    Step 3: If the professor agrees to write you a letter, send them the following items (some may not apply depending on the opportunity):

    • Your draft personal statement for your application.
    • A copy of your college transcript (an unofficial photocopy is okay).
    • A sample of the best written work that you submitted in one of my classes.
    • Your résumé. For assistance, visit our Career Development Center in Pavilion 110.
    • A complete list of schools or organizations to which you are applying, along with due dates and mode of application (for example, by printed letter, electronic application).
    • A signed and dated Reference Letter Request.