Student Profiles

Student Maggie Roberts

When I came to SU I thought that philosophy would be far too advanced for me, but through the mentorship of multiple faculty members, I found that that is the precise reason one should study philosophy: to grapple with questions that have persisted through time. The most exciting realization I had when I declared my major was that philosophy is not too advanced for anyone. Philosophy is unique as a discipline because the questions that you consider will apply to all other disciplines that you study. Also, I particularly love how personable the faculty members are. It’s an honor to be a part of the department!

Maggie Roberts BA 2019

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Student Aidan Avery

My time in Cuba is marked most significantly by the an unfamiliar sense of general community and social openness that I felt amongst the Cuban people. The streets are constantly alive with people—using payphones, walking through the markets, waiting in line, sitting on their doorsteps, calling out to each other in the street. Amongst the bright, worn colors and the aged architecture there is a steady current of movement and interaction, and stepping into the streets of Havana felt like inadvertent participation.

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Student Rachael Yonek

Since graduating I’ve moved to Nashville, Tennessee where I have started the PhD program in Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. Studying philosophy at Seattle U opened up my world to new questions, perspectives, and methodologies. It’s difficult for me not to go on endlessly about how much I love and cherish SU’s Philosophy department. The Philosophy department is where I found my ideal academic experience. The faculty challenged me with both fun puzzles and penetrating questions. They expected the best of my writing. I truly feel like I was raised and supported by a community of people I admire so deeply. The Philosophy department offers a thorough and stimulating academic program but does so while educating and attending to the whole person.

Rachael Yonek BA 2018