Sven Arvidson, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor and Director, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Associate Appointment, Philosophy

Building/Room: Casey 430-06


Sven Arvidson CV (PDF)


Part of a large family, I was born and raised on the Maryland side of Washington D.C. As an undergrad, I couldn’t quite find adequate intellectual space within my biology major, even though I loved my years of biology, chemistry and physics. I changed to something called “Human Development,” an interdisciplinary degree stressing psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and the rest of the liberal arts and sciences. Now that I am a professor directing a program like the one that liberated that 20-year-old, I am awed by how the universe works (and how little we know about how it works).

- B.A. Human Development, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
- M.A. Phenomenological Psychology, Duquesne University
- Ph.D. and  M.A. Philosophy, Georgetown University

At Seattle U, I teach intelligent and engaging students and find time to publish in various fields. What more can a professor want? The majority of my publications, including two books, center on human attention and consciousness, within and across the disciplines of philosophy and psychology. I write about teaching, including a book on how to engage students in required courses outside their major. I also write about the nature of the interdisciplinary research process – theory and practice for professionals and students.

When not professing, I’m probably walking around with a saw, hammer, and tape measure, looking for something to build.