Maria Bullon-Fernandez, PhD

PhD, Medieval Studies

Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities
Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Medieval Studies and Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.2684

Building/Room: Casey 510-10

Maria Bullon-Fernandez CV

Teaching and Research Interests

Areas of Specialty: Medieval literature and culture, medieval history, feminist theory, literary theory.

Welcome statement (teaching/research/personal interests): In my research and teaching I am interested in the ways medieval literary texts explore and interrogate categories of difference, such as gender, race, class/status and how these intersect with institutional structures, particularly, familial and political structures. Some of my publications include a book on fathers and daughters in the work of Middle English writer John Gower, a collection of essays on literary, cultural, and historical exchanges between England and Iberia in the Middle Ages and articles and essays on subjects such as the notion of privacy and its relation to economic and urban developments in Chaucer’s “Miller’s Tale,” the connections between poverty, property, the self, and gender in Chaucer's "Clerk's Tale," and on gender, economics, and writing in Gower's Confessio Amantis. I’m currently working on exploring the relation between gender, intersexuality, and language in Gower's Mirour de l'Omme.

Current and Recent Courses: Chaucer, Medieval Women and Writing, Arthurian Romance, Medieval Sexualities, Encountering British Literature, Between Epic and Romance, History of the English Language 

Dream or Future Courses: LGBTQ Literature and Theory, Medieval Literature and Postcolonial Theory (a course devoted to reading about race, class, and gender in medieval literature through the lens of postcolonial theory); Film and Medieval Literature (a course on film adaptations of medieval stories, from Beowulf to El Cid or Arthur).


I have a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Cornell University and a B.A. in English Literature and Language from the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). I’m originally from Spain and came to the U.S. to go to Graduate School (and then stayed).