Development Director, The Washington Bus |

Annie Hout, MNPL 2016

“The MNPL program offered me theories and strategies that I could immediately put into practice. The program also gave me space to reflect on issues of equity and access in the nonprofit sector, where boards and staff don’t often reflect the communities they serve. Today, I am practicing the kind of leadership I want to see in the sector.”

Development Director, The Washington Bus | Board Member, Nonprofit Assistance Center
Director of Giving Programs |

Charlie Clark, MNPL 2018

“The MNPL program has guided me in developing my leadership style. I have come to believe that leadership is about gathering people with a common goal, listening to what they have to say, and then doing everything in your power to make sure those people can achieve what they set out to achieve. Being a part of the program also directly contributed to my recent acceptance of the Director of Giving Programs position at MiiR. The knowledge I gained, connections I made, and leadership skills I learned during the MNPL program all played specific roles in my ability to earn this exciting opportunity.”

Director of Giving Programs | MiiR
Development Officer |

Tristen Gardner, MNPL 2018

“The best thing that the MNPL program gave me is a renewed sense of hope. Coming from work with the federal government, I saw how we often fail to reach the people who needed help the most. But through the program, I realized that it was possible for community members to take care of one another through nonprofit work. We can fundraise and create programs to support one another. And with my degree, I can work with community leaders to guide and help them through this process.”

Development Officer | Greater Seattle Business Association