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As a graduate of MNPL, you are a member of a network of more than 400 alumni who are working to transform organizations and communities around the world. We value your insights, and are interested in your continued engagement.

Here are some ways that you can be involved:

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Gary Davis, Class of 2010

Executive Director

"The personal and professional growth I experienced in the MNPL program broadened my horizons, my perspective, and my sense of worth to the community. The cohort model, taught by the region's top nonprofit leaders, offers the most valuable, real-world education and training available. It mirrors what I know to be true about agencies that successfully meet and even exceed their mission: it's all about relationships.  The program presented me with new insights into my skills, style and leadership. The connections I made at Seattle U., especially my fellow cohort members, continue to be a source of support and strength today."

Natalie Curtis, Class of 2018

Government & Community Relations
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

Natalie Curtis, MNPL 2017

“The MNPL program made a huge impact on every aspect of my life. It has empowered me to lead in areas that I might have shied away from before. It not only provided me the tools I need to succeed, but also those required to truly make difference in the world. I learned more than I’ve ever expected and the cohort model is an amazing built-in support system.”

Tiffany Bigham, Class of 2017

College & Career Specialist
Seattle Public Schools

Tiffany Bigham, MNPL 2018

“Joining the MNPL program was hands down one of the most rewarding and practical moves I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt more valued and engaged. My cohort challenged me, my professors empowered me, and I gained identity within my own right as a leader. I walked away with transferrable, hard skills that have already helped promote me twice to effectively serve others.”

Tristen Pamphlet-Gardner, Class of 2018

Policy Liaison
King County

Tristen Pamphlet-Gardner, MNPL 2018

“The MNPL program gave me a renewed sense of hope. Coming from work with the federal government, I saw how we often fail to reach the people who need help the most. Through this program, I realized that it is possible for community members to take care of one another through nonprofit work. We can fundraise and create programs to support one another. With my degree, I can work with community leaders to guide and help them through this process.”


Elizabeth Dale

Elizabeth Dale

Interim Director


Angela Cabatbat, Program Coordinator, Nonprofit Leadership

Angela Cabatbat

Program Coordinator


Sarah Curtis-Tilton, Senior Admin Assistant, Nonprofit Leadership

Sarah Curtis-Tilton

Senior Administrative Assistant


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