Professional Mentor, Friends of the Children

Posted by NPL Connects on Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 3:50 PM PDT

The mission of Friends of the Children is bold: To accelerate generational change, Friends of the Children identifies youth facing the toughest challenges and connects them with professional mentors who guide them to develop their greatest potential and achieve their goals. From kindergarten through graduation, no matter what.

Friends of the Children has an exceptional early intervention/prevention program focusing on our community's most vulnerable children and providing them with professionally trained, paid mentors, called Friends. These are salaried positions and not volunteers. Friends guide children from kindergarten through high school graduation, in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty, gang involvement, drug use and violence. A Friend works consistently and intensively with youth as a positive adult role model to develop a caring, trusting and sustained relationship with each child. 

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