May Educational Program: Increase Retention and Gift Size through Authentic Engagement -

Posted by NPL Connects on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 10:31 AM PDT

Boards and donors are longing for deeper connections with the work of our organizations, but we keep them at arm’s length and produce meetings, events, and experiences for them, rather than with them.

Join longtime AFP Advancement NW leader Susan Howlett for an interactive brown bag luncheon to discuss practical, no-cost ways in which you can foster commitment and ownership, resulting in larger gifts and increased donor retention – as well as stronger relationships.

When you leave this lunch session, you will be able to define why it’s important to engender a sense of ownership among donors and board member and name at least 10 ways to engage people in your organization’s work. Plus, you’ll know how to help your coworkers implement these concepts with you.

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