Development Specialist, Kairos

Posted by NPL Connects on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT

In our era of global tensions and growing pressure of climate change applied unequally to those with less agency, your skills and knowledge posses radical qualities for change during our most uncertain times.

Here at The Kairos Moment we are merging photography with economics to eradicate inequality. It's a grand vision, and one we strive towards with creativity, alternative solutions and awareness that establishing deeper social empathy can precipitate a most unexpected change.

We are currently seeking fundraisers who align with our mission and have an interest in working remotely part or full-time or such an organization. If your interest is peaked then please reach out so that we may discuss remuneration, expected hours and other details.

If nothing else, we sincerely congratulate your choice to pursue a career in non-profit and social change.

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