Assistant Portfolio Manager - Plymouth Housing Group

Posted by NPL Connects on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 10:15 AM PST

The Assistant Portfolio Manager is responsible for carrying out the Portfolio Manager and Building Manager functions during an absence or vacancy, setting up the Building Manager’s office following a turnover in staff, training new Building Managers on building operations and policies and procedures, and assisting Portfolio Managers in opening new properties. The Assistant Portfolio Manager oversees the orientation training plan for all building staff. The position directly supervises building staff while filling in for Portfolio Manager or Building Manager staff vacancies. The Assistant Portfolio Manager oversees staff and building operations for one to two properties. The Assistant Portfolio Manager takes a leadership role in developing Plymouth’s housing program, and collaborates with colleague managers in Plymouth’s Social Services and Compliance departments to develop low-barrier policies and procedures that support tenant housing stability. The Assistant Portfolio Manager makes sure that housing services are offered in a fair, respectful, and culturally proficient manner consistent with Plymouth’s mission.


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