Mid-career Institute for Environmental Leaders

MIEL: Mid-Career Institute for Environmental Leaders 2018

Seattle University Nonprofit Leadership is pleased to announce the second year of its Mid-Career Institute for Environmental Leaders (MIEL), a leadership and management program designed to strengthen the next generation of environmental leaders in the Northwest.

In today’s political climate, it is even more critical to invest in the development of environmental leaders, provide new networking opportunities, and keep leaders connected to the movement as we deepen our capacity to respond to emerging adaptive challenges.

MIEL begins with a five-day residential program in August, 2018 at Seattle University that covers topics key to nonprofit leadership and management including: strategy formation, adaptive leadership and organizational change, equity and environmental justice, fundraising and financial sustainability, and effective governance. After the residential program, participants receive a 360-degree leadership assessment, instrumental one-on-one coaching, and join a virtual cohort gathering in the winter of 2019. Funds will be made available throughout the program year to support participation in equity training.

Through MIEL, participants will:
1. Develop the skills and perspectives needed to assume larger leadership roles in their organizations.
2. Reflect on their own skills and experiences, and map their personal leadership development plan.
3. Establish mentor relationships that cultivate and sustain professional growth.
4. Build a network of peers in the Northwest to support their ongoing leadership development.

Who Should Apply
The program is best suited for mid-level or newly senior-level managers at environmental nonprofits who are interested in building their leadership skills and networks.

Preference is given to participants who:
1. Are mid-level or newly senior-level managers in Northwest organizations that work in the environmental movement.
2. Have at least three years of nonprofit experience.
3. Individuals who have a range of experience from a broad cross-section of organizational types (i.e., advocacy/policy/grassroots/legal, small/large organizations) and Northwest geographies (urban/suburban/rural). We also seek individuals of diverse race or ethnicity, gender identity and ability. People of color, LGBTQ persons, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
3. Anticipate remaining with their current organization for the next two years.
4. Currently manage other staff and/or volunteers.
5. Anticipate working in the environmental movement for a significant part of their careers.
6. Work in an organization currently funded by the Brainerd Foundation or sponsored by another Northwest foundation.
7. Demonstrates organizational support for their full participation.

Apply Now

We are now accepting applications. Applications close June 4


Key Dates
August 5-10, 2018:
Residential Institute at Seattle University
September-January 2019: 360 Assessment and Individual Coaching
September-January 2019: Additional Equity Training 
February 2019: Virtual Gathering

Training Topics Include:

Setting the foundation:

  • Distinctions between leadership and management
  • Introduction to individual and organizational sustainability

Organizational Vitality:

  • Strategy and elements of strategy formation
  • Adaptive leadership and change management
  • Equity and environmental justice
  • Fundraising leadership and financial management
  • Nonprofit governance and working effectively with boards
  • Working with and managing others

Individual Sustainability:

  • 360-degree feedback, personal purpose, and strengths
  • Creating a person leadership network
  • Boundary management, self-care, and resilience
  • Peer coaching framework and practice

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