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Natalie Curtis

“The MNPL program made a huge impact on every aspect of my life. It has empowered me to lead in areas that I might have shied away from before. It not only provided me the tools I need to succeed, but also those required to truly make difference in the world. I learned more than I’ve ever expected and the cohort model is an amazing built-in support system.”

Natalie Curtis, MNPL '18 | Government & Community Relations, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and President, Capitol Hill Community Council
Tristen Pamphlet-Gardner

“The MNPL program gave me a renewed sense of hope. Coming from work with the federal government, I saw how we often fail to reach the people who need help the most. Through this program, I realized that it is possible for community members to take care of one another through nonprofit work. We can fundraise and create programs to support one another. With my degree, I can work with community leaders to guide and help them through this process.”

Tristen Pamphlet-Gardner, MNPL '18 | Policy Analyst, King County
Annie Hout

“The MNPL program offered me theories and strategies that I could immediately put into practice. The program also gave me space to reflect on issues of equity and access in the nonprofit sector, where boards and staff don’t often reflect the communities they serve. Today, I am practicing the kind of leadership I want to see in the sector.”

Annie Hout, MNPL '16 | Deputy Director, Communities Rise
Charlie Clark

“The MNPL program has been instrumental in helping me develop my leadership and solidify my core values. The knowledge I gained, connections I made, and leadership skills I learned all played crucial parts in getting the opportunity to step into my current role.”

Charlie Clark, MNPL '18 | Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant

“Joining the MNPL program was hands down one of the most rewarding and practical moves I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt more valued and engaged. My cohort challenged me, my professors empowered me, and I gained identity within my own right as a leader. I walked away with transferrable, hard skills that have already helped promote me twice to effectively serve others.”

Tiffany Bigham, MNPL '17 | College & Career Specialist, Seattle Public Schools