Transforming Powerlessness into Power

Posted by TyKera Williams on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST

On October, 20, 2018 the MSW program partnered with the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work to co-sponsor an amazing clinical conference titled Transforming Powerlessness Into Power, featuring Vanessa Jackson, LCSW and Soul Doula. Vanessa graced attendees with tools to engage in emancipatory practices for healing trauma. The goal was to understand power wounding, the three aspects of power and gain tools to utilize in assessment and healing. Vanessa is a dynamic, raw and passionate therapist whose practice is centered on power-based therapy. She was compelling as she unpacked power wounding as a traumatic experience and discussed how power shows up in clinical settings and in the community. She believes that trauma and diagnoses are our experiences not our identity and healing can be done in the right environments. Drawing from culturally conscious work Vanessa has packaged power healing into accessible interventions that can be used within ourselves, our families and our communities.   For more information about Vanessa’s work visit: or check out Vanessa’s latest publication: Understanding Power: An Imperative for Human Services