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Presentations at BPD

Posted by Kayla Huddleston on March 15, 2017 at 1:03 PM PDT

The 2017 Baccalaureate Program Director Conference (BPD) addressed a variety of topics including teaching and administering baccalaureate social work programs, field education, global social work, advocacy, and the like; it was held in New Orleans, Louisiana in early March, and featured two of our Seattle University Social Work Professors as speakers and training facilitators.  

Field Director and Clinical Professor, Riva Zeff led two workshops at the BDP conference: the Field Directors Training Workshop and the Field Education Committee Meeting. The goal of the field director training was to orient new field directors to the roles and responsibilities of their position, and to help develop overall knowledge of the complexities of their role as field directors. The training allowed participants to form a knowledge base regarding leadership skills, partnerships with community agencies, placements, and seminar facilitation skills. Riva is an active member of the Field Education Committee, and helped to facilitate meetings and trainings for committee members throughout the duration of the conference. 

Bachelors of Social Work Program Director and Clinical Professor Mary Kay Brennan led a workshop titled, “Practice Skills Pedagogy: Evaluating the use of social cognitive theory, taping, and self-reflection”. The workshop was geared towards fulfillment of the National Association of Social Work competency of preparing students to engage in ethical practice skills through a combination of cognitive theory concepts, digital taping, and opportunities for self-reflection.

Congrats to you both!