College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Sport Administration and Leadership


  • Students will create a digital portfolio which will be comprised of the following aspects:

    • At least 5 projects from MSAL classes with their associated rubrics (graded). See below for a list of eligible projects. The projects as a group must demonstrate at least 6 of the outcomes listed in the learning outcomes section.
    • Written Colloquium project and associated rubric. The written project must address at least Outcomes 1-4 and 7.
    • Oral Colloquium rubric. Must at least address Outcomes 1-4.
    Class Project
    SADL 500: Research Methods in Sport Management (required) Prospectus
    SADL 502: Social-cultural Basis for Sport (required) Research Project
    SADL 505: Financing Sport Organizations (elective) Facility Project
    SADL 506: Strategic Marketing for Sport Organizations (elective) Marketing Plan
    SADL 507: Sports Media, Social Networking and Brand Communication (elective) Communications Plan
    SADL 512: Developing Leadership in Sport (required) Leadership Growth Plan
    SADL 514: Sport Consumer Behavior (elective) Market Research
    SADL 515: Sport Organizations – A Systems Perspective (elective) Org. Effectiveness Project
    SADL 516: Sport Promotion and Sponsorship (elective) Sponsorship Proposal
    SADL 504: Legal Issues in Sport (required) Risk Management Plan
    SADL 510: Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations (elective) Final HR paper
  • Testimonial   

     "The MSAL program taught me to think critically, identify and empower my leadership style, and navigate the intricacies of athletic administration. It provided ample opportunity to gain real world experience and network with professionals working at athletic institutions and franchises." 

    Lauren Rochholz 
    MSAL 2012
    Administrative Coordinator for the Office of University Planning 
    Seattle University