Jacob E. Kysar, MS

Jacob Kysar, MS

MS, Human Physiology


Building/Room: Casey 540-05


Areas of Interest

My interests revolve around building connection. Specifically, this means that I'm driven to connect students to information and to one another to help guide our field forward. Our collective knowledge is so powerful, and when everyone shares their voice, we can make remarkable advances. In terms of research interests, I'm particularly interested in cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology. Specifically, how a relatively small hole in the heart (a patent foramen ovale) can potentially alter a number of physiological processes including inflammation, stroke risk, breathing and exercise performance. And here is the amazing part ... about 40% of the general population has one of these holes, and doesn't even know it! Thus, I hope to be able to bring this collective knowledge to SU, and begin developing novel approaches to better understand this anatomical diversity so that we can continue to improve activities of daily life in those we serve. Personally, I'm a coffee and beer fan (and it's even better if there is coffee in beer). I also enjoy being outside and often use weekend adventuring as a time of reflection.