Faculty and Staff

Photo of Sarah Shultz, PhD

Sarah Shultz, PhD


Kinesiology Department Chair

Phone: 206-398-4112

Building/Room: Casey 540-01A

Photo of Erica Rauff, PhD

Erica Rauff, PhD

PhD, Kinesiology

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Graduate Studies

Phone: 206-296-2045

Building/Room: Casey 540-05

Photo of Julius Moss, MPA, MEd

Julius Moss, MPA, MEd

MEd, Leadership

Program Coordinator, Kinesiology

Phone: 206-296-8449

Building/Room: Casey 540-01

Photo of Cristine Agresta, MPT, PhD

Cristine Agresta, MPT, PhD

PhD, Movement Science

Faculty Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Building/Room: Casey 540

Photo of Christin Everson, MS

Christin Everson, MS

MS, Kinesiology

Adjunct Faculty, Kinesiology Department
Assistant Director of UREC, Marketing & Events

Phone: 206-220-8543

Building/Room: Redhawk Center 273

Photo of Brittany Heintz Walters, PhD

Brittany Heintz Walters, PhD

PhD, Kinesiology

Assistant Professor, Neuromechanics and Motor Control

Phone: 206- 296-2421

Building/Room: Casey 540-03

Photo of Sean Machak, MA

Sean Machak, MA

MA, Sports Administration and Leadership

Exercise Scientist & Laboratory Supervisor, Kinesiology Department

Phone: 206-296-2026

Building/Room: HUNT 090A

Photo of Nate Wolch, MS

Nate Wolch, MS

MS, Kinesiology-Sport and Exercise Psychology, Western Washington University

Adjunct Faculty, Kinesiology

Building/Room: Casey 540

Photo of Nicole Wood, PhD

Nicole Wood, PhD

PhD, Exercise Physiology

Instructor, Director, Clinical Graduate Studies

Phone: 206- 296-2423

Building/Room: Casey 540-07