Leah St. Lawrence, MFA '22

November 5, 2021

Leah St Lawrence headshotLeah St. Lawrence is an art critic, new media curator, NewHive advocate, and chair enthusiast.

St. Lawrence writes about and curates contemporary new media, digital interaction, and online engagement—specifically related to political/social/LGBTQI issues. Most notably she has written arts criticism for The Stranger; working under Charles Mudede. Recently, she was the feature editor for issue 37.1 of ARCADE Dialogue on Design.

Leah has also written for Mount Analogue, and The Monday Arts Journal at The Jacob Lawrence Gallery. Last September, she was a guest curator for SOIL Gallery and presented A Digital Nature, a new media experience focused on the intersection of digital identities, personal healing, and nature. A Digital Nature featured work by artists Liz Mputu, Coley Mixan, and Richie Brown.

St. Lawrence has given two talks in recent years, one for Arcade Salon focusing on how design affects culture and vice versa and one through the Gage Academy of Art about the rise of Instagram as an alternative to traditional galleries. Currently, St. Lawrence is in Seattle Universities Master of Arts Leadership program where she continues her study of technology and innovation and how technology and identity intersect both creatively and culturally.