MFA20 Summary Project Presentations

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On Saturday, June 13, the MFA Class of 2020 offered their Virtual Summary Project Presentations. Through applied research methods, each Summary Project is a culmination of a student's inquiry into an arts field of practice. Projects serve as a representation of students' pursuit of arts leadership through an intersectional lens towards equity, empathy, and value.

2020 Summary Project Presentation Program FINAL


Creativity, Audience, and Place
8:45am Katrina Fasulo Welcome
Opera Under Reconstruction:
Strategic Responses for Audience Engagement in 2020
9:30am Grace Lansing Centering Cultural Value:
Contextualizing the Development of a Cultural Arts Plan for the City of Tumwater
10:00am Leah Erickson Webster        Viral Sensations:
American Neo-Burlesque Re-Explored in a Hotspot
10:30am Erin Burrows Building on a Proud Tradition:
Mapping Cultural Histories and Artist Networks in Bremerton, WA
11:00am Break
Arts Policy, (In)Equities, and Growth
11:15am Tyson Walker Rethinking STE[Arts]M Through Creative Placemaking:
A Strategic Growth Strategy for a More Viable Future
11:45am Rachel Ballister Inequity in the Arts:
The Democratization of Culture in Tax-exemption Policy
12:15pm Lunch  
Aesthetic Engagement Across the Rural and Urban
1:00pm Paige Petrangelo A New Seattle Sound:
How Community Investment in Touring Music Can Incite Sustainability Through Reciprocity
1:30pm Andrea Ashton Public Works:
Extending the Locale Through Communities of Practice
2:00pm Kaelyn McGowen Nevada Neon Nights:
The Story of the Neon Bender and the Impact of Neon in Public Space
2:30pm Megan Torgerson Reframing Rural:
Rewriting the Narrative on Rural America Through Oral Storytelling
3:00pm Break  
Ethnographic Explorations: On Leadership and Possibilities
3:15pm Megan Dung Keep HEARTS Beating:
Unpacking Founder's Syndrome in Modern Day Hawaii
3:45pm Sadiqua Iman We Were Made for This:
Black Women Reshaping American Theatre
4:15pm Linnea Ingalls Visceral & Virtual:
Tensions of Grief and Discovery in Embodied Arts of the COVID-19 Era