The (M)OTHERS by Nikki Yeboah and Cultural Struggles by Dwight Conquergood

Monday, February 25, 6pm - 9pm: The (M)OTHERS by Nikki Yeboah and Cultural Struggles
by Dwight Conquergood
A Special Oral History Performance workshop led by Nikki Yeboah, playwright and Assistant Professor at San Jose State University

Photo of Nikki Yeboah smiling and wearing a shirt that says This three-hour workshop is an introduction to the process of collecting oral histories within marginalized communities, specifically for scholar-practitioners who seek to make community-engaged social justice performance. Participants will be introduced to techniques and ethics of conducting interviews in the community as a mode of activism and advocacy. Taking participants step by step through her practice, Nikki Yeboah models an approach to the creative process that prioritizes ethics and politics over more familiar theatrical elements such as character, plot and spoken text. Reflecting back on her own process, Yeboah also provides a glimpse into missteps and offer lessons learned along the way.